April 26, 1992 was the day Henry Perez was born At Lincoln Hospital located in Bronx, Ny. Growing up in the Hunts point area of the south bronx as a child Henry Perez spent a lot time around music, which quickly made him a big Hip hop fan. also, seeing his uncles and cousins create music Inspired him to pick up a pen for himself and start writing rhymes. It all started around 8 years old, Henry Perez was very interested in poetry and loved the combination and freedom which was given to an artist to express himself. At First, short Poems and poetry was the way he developed his ability to write. Always keeping a small hanbook by his side kept him constantly writing. what soon came to be rhymes and ultimately songs. Even though the ability to create music was always their for Henry Perez, he decided to temporarily stray away from rapping himself and take the business side of the music industry first.

n 2012 Henry Perez founded and created "DREAM TEAM MUSIC". Having a few artist under his label and always being hands on an active in the creation procces reminded Henry why he loved music in the first place. Soon Henry realized for himself that he can also be an artist due to his immense creativity and ability to draw music together. So, that's exactly what he did. Now going by the name

"PREZ PEREZ" Henry "Prez" Perez has the capability to take the music industry by storm. Using his business mentality and artistry Gift he possesess a great advantage ; mixing the two together will help push him towards the top of the music industry.