February 18 1992 right over in Brooklyn hospital Dashawn was born. Raised out in east New York until he was about seven where his family relocated to the Bronx where he soon would find his calling. School was a no brainier for Smakk for he enjoyed feeding his mind and solving problems. 6th grade he began to write poetry to express his struggles and everyday problems. As time progressed he would soon venture into the world of parties and New York State of minds that would lead him to meet one of his friends who musically inspired him to turn his poetry into lyrics. After years of working at his new found talent and love he began to phathem dreams and ideas which would place him at the peek he is currently in , in his life. Remaining loyal and humble he studied and mastered his craft until the summer of 2014 where he would meet up wit Ceo of Dreamteammusic Prez who immediately took a liking to the art and craft Don Dada has and put him inside an official studio and blasting through the doors wit his fast and well calculated style of rhyming he is taking the rap game to brand new horizons his highly anticipated debute mixtape "LONG TIME COMING" is said to be released no later than may of 2015